Here you can find all relevant information about my articles (I have not published books, reviews or anything else... for now). There are other handy places you can look for them, like in or using my ORCID.

Please note that I am not consistent with the name I sign my articles with. The journals I've published in are located in USA and not aware of the different naming conventions their international authors follow. In particular, spaniards like myself have (typically) a first name (Andrés), no middle name and two family names that we inherit from each of our parents (Agustí and Casado). I intend to sign as Andrés Agustí Casado, but that runs into problems. For instance, in this article, the bibliographic data considers Agustí to be my non-existing middle name. If you know how to fix that email me. Please take into account that Andrés Agustí-Casado is not a good option: the hyphen has already a different meaning in Spanish.

Now that you know my name ;) here you have my stuff:

[1] A. Agustí Casado and C. Sabí n. Non-gaussian entanglement swapping between three-mode spontaneous parametric down-conversion and three qubits. Phys. Rev. A, 105:022401, Feb 2022. [ bib | DOI | https ]
[2] A. Agustí, L. García-Álvarez, E. Solano, and C. Sabín. Qubit motion as a microscopic model for the dynamical casimir effect. Physical Review A, 103(6), jun 2021. [ bib | DOI | https ]
[3] Paula Cordero Encinar, Andrés Agustí, and Carlos Sabín. Digital quantum simulation of beam splitters and squeezing with ibm quantum computers. Phys. Rev. A, 104:052609, Nov 2021. [ bib | DOI | https ]
[4] A. Agustí, C. W. Sandbo Chang, F. Quijandrí a, G. Johansson, C. M. Wilson, and C. Sabí n. Tripartite genuine non-gaussian entanglement in three-mode spontaneous parametric down-conversion. Physical Review Letters, 125(2), 7 2020. [ bib | DOI | http ]
[5] Andrés Agustí, Enrique Solano, and Carlos Sabín. Entanglement through qubit motion and the dynamical casimir effect. Physical Review A, 99(5), may 2019. [ bib | DOI | https ]

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